Cloud vs In-house

If any one of the stores loses an internet connection it can begin to cause problems across the chain, whereas with a localised version you can run a Virtual Private network among the branches. If the Cloud service itself goes down, like the case with Sony’s services or the Apple leaks  in 2014, then not only can data and information be lost but you’re business will be unable to function and has to wait while the cloud provider picks up the pieces (without knowing how long that will take!)


Cloud EPOS also means you are not in control of the data whereas if its an in-house solution you know exactly where its going, coming from and what its for. You won’t have as firm a grip on your security, as anyone with an internet connection, an unscrupulous third party employee or just a crack in the system can mean you find yourself losing critical and often times confidential data.


Inhouse EPOS systems  also have the advantage of being built around you, rather than with Cloud you need to work around them. This could mean a relatively attractive offer in terms of price might not be that great if you find that the provider needs a certain version of software or new machines to be installed often. Many have already stopped supporting the earlier iPad and finding one that will support Windows XP and vista is nearly impossible, even windows 7 is being slowly phased out for 8, 8.1 and the upcoming Windows 10. This of course can mean more training and frequent installations of new hardware.


If you need help setting up, or even after this and are just looking for support you can often find yourself begin shuffled around for help speaking to a different person each time, if it’s an ongoing issue then you may find yourself explaining your situation over and over and explaining any work that’s already being done just to get to the start of the new/ongoing issue. To cut overheads many IT and Cloud firms even outsource their support centers bringing in another 3rd party company to the mix.



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