Christmas Season

With the Christmas Season fast approaching how can you, and your business prepare for it?

The best way to be ready is to keep awareness about your business high. This means that customers will know about your product well in advance and may even have it on their Christmas lists months in advance! Here are some tips to help you get the most from your customers this season:

Gather Information!

Keep up to date with your customers, know buying trends, efficient promotions even look into what’s worked well in the past. Keep a record of what works and what doesn’t and refine it each time. So you have a home made system that keeps your business on the minds of all your customers year round!

Have a look at your store selling patterns now more than ever. If a certain product is already increasing in sales it’s probably because people are wanting it for a particular reason. And, in the next weeks and months more and more likely it’s for the Christmas Season. Search through your POS data using our reports manager to find buying patterns and cater to your customers latest buying trends.

An easier approach is of course to just to ask your customers yourself! Have conversations at the till or around the shop with potential customers to see what’s influencing your customer’s spending. Especially around the Christmas season many shoppers are “Just looking” and could do with a slight nudge of encouragement towards a purchase.

Needless to say social media is key to this as well. Not just regular posts about upcoming events or sales, keep pushing items that are selling well. Or following from that, push sales of bundles, or items that work well together. If it’s shoes, offer a show stretch, or spray that works particularly well with leather.

Expanding to other social media outlets is always a good idea. The above example works particularly well on the likes of Instagram and other image centric social media websites.

Put yourself out there!

With the Christmas Season approaching it’s the perfect chance to get your name out there. There are plenty of festivities, events and gatherings going on everywhere and plenty of stalls and the like that you can sponsor. Or you can even open up one yourself!

Get involved with charity work or with groups that relate to your business. If your shop supplies fitness equipment sponsor upcoming sporting events or provide equipment / food to a shelter or veterinary clinic if you specialise in pet goods.

Advertise, advertise, advertise! Get your name and logo in as many places as possible. Newspapers, boards, public transport, anywhere you can! With the Christmas season fast approaching the price will go up and you can be sure your competitors will be jumping onto all advertising space they can find. The sooner the better, especially now while people are still considering what to get friends and family for Christmas!

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