What are EPOS Systems and how are they different from regular POS?

POS or Point of sale developed perfectly alongside the growth of retail and ‘over the counter business’. Throughout the centuries this has progressed from a point, table or place were goods would have been bartered, traded and exchanged, eventually evolving with the use of currency, a convenient new method for buying and selling. Although it’s rare these days to see someone using a notebook with some scribbles the majority now use EPOS Systems, or Electronic Point of Sale the premise of this is exactly the same as the original albeit more streamlined.

Today companies don’t use EPOS  Systems(despite the point of sale part’s wording) just for buying and selling. Many of the systems are expected, and required to book reservations, vouchers, tickets, orders, bonus’, discounts and the list goes on in a complex myriad of additional features. These however aren’t the crucial factor that determines whether a system makes or breaks a business, nor is it a solid reason for many smaller shop and business owners to stray away from their tried and tested method of making sales.

Firstly, is the system easy to use? 

The trick is to hide the complexities of the system behind a clever, well made design that encourages the users to use EPOS Systems over their current method, be this a vivid GUI, streamlined service or options made easy. There’s no point in having a brilliant system set up with numerous excellent features if the customers have no idea how to use, or are indeed unwilling to use the EPOS System. At Opus, our systems can be customised to meet the needs of your business, i.e. do you want a brightly coloured touch screen interface for quick and easy  or a more detailed in-depth look at each individual or trend of sales.

Secondly, it may be easy to use but if the EPOS System is slow and or sluggish what’s the point?

This leads to the question, is the system efficient?

Due to the very nature of some businesses, they demand and efficient system that is fast acting and free of any major disruption in their service. For example if a shop with only a handful of tills and one till, or the whole EPOS system goes down that’s a huge loss in potential revenue for that business. Our system is designed with this in mind, running seamlessly from transaction to transaction.

It may not be easy to choose the perfect EPOS system for you,  but at Opus we’re confident that we can meet and exceed your needs, spanning multiple devices and systems you can be confident with a free consultation today.

About Opus Retail Solutions

Opus Retail Solutions specialise in providing Retail, Wholesale, & Integrated e-Commerce Solutions through its Software suite Opus Retail Manager. The entire EPOS operation is managed from Opus’s Headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, along with regional development and support offices in the UK. Opus has been developing software for over 30 years and was one of the first Windows based EPOS systems in 1997. Opus Retail Manager is hardware independent and we offer hardware depending on client requirements, policy or budget.

The key to Opus’s success lies with its ongoing investment in Research and Development and Training to keep our Software products and services and staff world class.  Services range from specifying client requirements to providing custom modifications, system implementation, training with a special emphasis on after-sales support so our customers can get the most from their system. The Company invests c £100k pa in R&D to ensure it’s software remains world-class.

The entire Opus operation is managed from Opus’s Headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, along with regional development and support offices in the UK and Russia.  Opus has partners all over the world and currently ships the software in five languages. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a partnership.

Although our Retail Manager Software and services procedures have evolved over the years from DOS through Windows enabling us to stay ahead of the curve, our core objective is still to provide innovative, best in breed, easy to use and robust EPoS solutions, no matter what the industry, the size or the individual need.