Must-Have Features For EPoS Systems in 2019

Opus Retail Solutions understands the challenges you face when it comes to choosing the right EPoS system – you have multiple choices at your disposal. EPoS systems are now much more than just tills or cash registers. In the retail world, they have evolved into scalable management systems that integrate and streamline all the key areas of your business operations. If chosen correctly, your EPoS system should have features that will be able to considerably enhance both day-to-day performance as well as your long- term operational goals.

What is an EPoS system?

An EPoS system, or Electronic Point-of-Sale system, present retailers, and business owners with smart solutions to keep up with the technology in the hands of their customers – it’s an innovative way of letting people pay for goods or services and managing margins.

Usually, EPoS systems are a combination of hardware and software designed to help you run your business more effectively. Where traditional till systems record sales, an EPoS system not only records this transactional information but can generate detailed reports from this data. This provides owners and managers with more insight into their business, allowing them to make actionable changes to increase revenue or cut costs.

To get the best out of an EPoS system, you need to first understand exactly what you want it to do. Before you engage with any vendors, it’s a good idea to write a list of ‘must have’ functionalities, both present and future – and prioritize them.

No matter what type of industry you are in whether you own a pharmacy or fashion chain, Opus Retail Solutions is providing you with a quick overview of what we think you need in an effective EPoS system.

Mobile/Cloud Functionality

In order to transform your retail store, you need a mobile PoS system. Using a mobile PoS will allow you to engage and convert customers from anywhere within your store – stop being tied to your cash register. Mobile functionality will also mean you no longer have to rush back to your office for reports or inquiries again. You can have all your back- office information at your fingertips, whenever you need it most. Opus Retail Manager provides users with mobile-friendly dashboards to get a snapshot of how your businesses are performing via easy to consumer dashboards and analytics. Allowing you to quickly identify important trends.

Opus Retail Manager offers the benefits of Cloud Reporting with the transactional speed of a SAP Database. It is the only hybrid EPoS system currently on the market.Your sales, product and reports are always available, safe, and up-to-date in the Cloud while the data is held securely in your home database.

Real-Time Reporting

Live visibility of captured data and real-time detailed reports is a must have. This allows you to act quickly and make impactful educated business decisions. One of the most powerful features of Opus Retail Manager is the ability to show important detailed financial information in easy to consume dashboards; real-time data that can be totally customisable to meet your requirements.

Unparalleled Support

Even the best EPoS system is going to have problems every now and then. When that time comes, you need to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Every minute that your EPoS system is down equals lost revenue for your business.

If you decide to integrate Opus Retail Manager into your operations, you are guaranteed 24/7 customer service. You aren’t just picking a system vendor, you’re picking a partner. A partner who supports the training of staff, who has support teams on hand around the clock to deal with any queries, and who will keep you in the know about new products and technologies that could further improve your efficiency.

Readily Available Integrations

Because EPoS is all digital, it should be quick, easy and completely seamless to integrate it with other software. Add-ons should be readily available and encouraged to extend the capabilities of your EPoS solution. For example, Opus Retail Manager allows you to integrate into existing accounts packages such as Sage.

Hardware and Platform

You should be able to buy the hardware if you need to, but it should not be a requirement for getting your EPoS system up and running.

While Opus Retail Manager is hardware independent, we do offer Varipos hardware with various models available to match your corporate colours.

Across the globe, retailers are benefiting from the features of EPoS systems. By creating efficiencies across sales, operations, marketing and more, they’re an integral part of understanding your customers and your business. That’s why it’s incredibly important that you select the best one for your specific business needs and we hope this quick list can help you narrow down your choices.

Just remember, when reviewing a potential EPoS system vendor, ask the right questions:

- Is the EPoS system easy to set up?Is processing lightning quick at the till?

- Is the EPoS system affordable?Can I access the Management Reports from my mobile?

- Does the EPoS company offer 24/7 support?Will it increase my Gross Margin by a minimum of 2% pa?

Have you thought about Opus Retail Manager?

Opus Retail Solutions specialise in providing Retail, Wholesale, & Integrated e-Commerce Solutions through its Software suite Opus Retail Manager.  Opus has been developing software for over 30 years and was one of the first Windows based EPoS systems in 1997.  Opus Retail Manager is hardware independent and we offer hardware depending on client requirements, policy or budget.

The key to Opus’s success lies with its ongoing investment in Research and Development and Training to keep our Software products and services and staff world class.  Services range from specifying client requirements to providing custom modifications, system implementation, training with a special emphasis on after-sales support so our customers can get the most from their system. The Company invests c £100k pa in R&D to ensure it’s software remains world-class.

The entire Opus operation is managed from Opus’s Headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, along with regional development and support offices in the UK and Russia.  Opus has partners all over the world and currently ships the software in five languages.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss a partnership.

Although our Retail Manager Software and services procedures have evolved over the years from DOS through Windows enabling us to stay ahead of the curve, our core objective is still to provide innovative, best in breed, easy to use and robust EPoS solutions, no matter what the industry, the size or the individual need.