EPOS Case Study: Cameron’s Department Store

TOYS Plus another 25 Departments Run by Opus Retail Manager


Cameron’s Department Store has been trading from Ballymena, Northern Ireland for almost 30 years. During this time they have built a reputation with customers for blending a quality range of products in a traditional department store setting.

Built over 5 floors, the main store incorporates over 25 individual departments including gifts, home ware, music, gadgets, toys, seasonal items, fashion and a beauty hall with some 30+ PoS. A favourite of customers seeking refuge from the shopping is the charming second floor restaurant and coffee shop with its large windows overlooking the beautiful Slemish Mountain. Customers can choose from a delicious range of food and see it freshly prepared in front of them. The company also runs an additional outlet specialising in furniture, soft furnishings and carpets together with a central processing warehouse.

"At Cameron’s we pride ourselves on offering customers an altogether more agreeable shopping experience with helpful yet unobtrusive staff and pleasant surroundings”. – Stephen Glasgow, Financial Director.

The Challenge

With over 25 separate departments, thousands of individual product lines and hundreds of suppliers, the task of managing an operation of this scale requires specialist EPOS Retail Management software. The problem was that most of the retail management systems on the market were industry specific and were not designed to run across multiple distinct business departments in somewhere of Cameron’s scale.

Stephen Glasgow explains, “When we started looking for a new EPOS system we found specialist software for furniture retailers, toy retailers, fashion stores etc. but none of them were flexible enough to run efficiently across all our different departments and fit into our business processes. With such a vast array of product lines we ideally needed a system that could run the whole operation across every department and have the compatibility to integrate with some of our existing legacy systems. We also wanted to work with a local company offering good support. It was at this point that we were introduced to Opus Retail Solutions, an established and specialist EPOS retail management software provider based in Belfast. Their Opus Retail Manager software product had the capability to encompass our whole multi-site, multi-business operation including all our various departments and the furniture business. The new system would allow us to link our whole business operation up to our central processing warehouse and back office. We were also able to integrate the software into existing legacy hardware which saved additional expense”.

Opus Retail Manager – The Benefits

Opus Retail Manager is a powerful tool for retail managers. It’s ideal for companies with multiple distinct business departments, different site locations, various suppliers and many individual product lines.

Opus Retail Solutions is also packed full of useful management tools and features. It can be customised to undertake specific tasks for each end user. Lengthy in-house administration duties such as stocktaking, ordering, tracking payments and reporting can all be automated. The time saved by automating these tasks can be used to concentrate on what should be your main business focus – increasing profits!  Also, as Opus Retail Solutions write the software they can write specific modules to reflect the business processes & procedures of a company.

No more slow chip & pin transactions at the checkouts!

In order to further enhance the overall shopping experience of their customers, Cameron’s were always looking at ways to reduce waiting times at the checkouts – perhaps the most annoying part any shopping experience. Cameron’s had already taken the decision to increase the number of customer tills and spread them out across the store, so when Opus Retail Solutions informed them of a way to further reduce customer chip & pin transactions times at the checkouts and save in costs at the same time – they jumped at the chance.

“The introduction of POSXpress3 Chip & Pin from Opus has reduced our checkout card processing times from 45-60 seconds down to just 3-5 seconds”, said Stephen.  “Staff no longer have problems with keying in the wrong amounts and tills can be reconciled at the touch of a button – before this had to be done manually. The staff in our cash office have also reported a time saving of between 20-40 minutes per day when cashing-up. And of course our customers are happy too which is why we introduced the new system in the first place!”

Opus Retail Manager – Retail Management Re-defined