Customer loyalty with EPOS

Customer loyalty schemes

Customer loyalty schemes are one of the most ideal ways to keep customers returning to your store on a regular basis, the best thing about them is that they are extremely flexible and can be applied to nearly all business and retail sectors, spanning from a single one till shop to a large chain.

Using a Customer Loyalty and related management system a business can easy give access to till staff that updates information and data about the customer in real time. This can process their purchasing habits and tailor rewards based on either their own spending methods or class them into different groups and apply benefits to them all.

Encourage more purchases from your customers!

The Management system in particular is to allow you to read into your customers, you can see what and when they are likely by a certain product, or range of products and encourage further sales! Such as if a certain customer were to buy nappies each week then it is likely they will want to purchase other goods such as baby food etc, a specifically targeted discount or promotion might encourage this sale rather than leave the customer on the fence about it until the next weekly or bi-weekly shop.

You can also easily keep your customers up to date through the information they give: E-mail, SMS, Phone Calls, Letters, Catalogues with the Customer Loyalty System it’s simple to do all these with just a few clicks.

About Opus Retail Solutions

Opus Retail Solutions specialise in providing Retail, Wholesale, & Integrated e-Commerce Solutions through its Software suite Opus Retail Manager. The entire EPOS operation is managed from Opus’s Headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, along with regional development and support offices in the UK. Opus has been developing software for over 30 years and was one of the first Windows based EPOS systems in 1997. Opus Retail Manager is hardware independent and we offer hardware depending on client requirements, policy or budget.

The key to Opus’s success lies with its ongoing investment in Research and Development and Training to keep our Software products and services and staff world class.  Services range from specifying client requirements to providing custom modifications, system implementation, training with a special emphasis on after-sales support so our customers can get the most from their system. The Company invests c £100k pa in R&D to ensure it’s software remains world-class.

The entire Opus operation is managed from Opus’s Headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, along with regional development and support offices in the UK and Russia.  Opus has partners all over the world and currently ships the software in five languages. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a partnership.

Although our Retail Manager Software and services procedures have evolved over the years from DOS through Windows enabling us to stay ahead of the curve, our core objective is still to provide innovative, best in breed, easy to use and robust EPoS solutions, no matter what the industry, the size or the individual need.