Benefits of Opus Retail Manager - EPOS Solutions

Opus generally aim to save a very minimum of 5% of a retailers gross sales per annum, reduce overall stock holding by minimum of 10% and increase margin by between 2.5-4%. RETAIL MANAGER aims to save retailer money, increase productivity and save time that can be spent driving the business forward. No matter how small a business is RETAIL MANAGER is rarely unnecessary as it will bring in business benefits, these may be simply better reports, faster transaction times or better stock management.

Here’s a few of the benefits RETAIL MANAGER can bring and how it can help you.

Save time and money

- Multi Language – RETAIL MANAGER can be installed in your local language e.g. English, Arabic, French, etc

- Link your offline and online offerings & Open New Sales Channels – use the integrated Web features of RETAIL MANAGER to list products for sale and manage orders on the Price check Platform to open up a huge marketplace and drive sales. RETAIL MANAGER will manage the web site as if it were another branch so a retailer will not have to maintain two separate systems.

- Software to provide sales information – this can help you focus on more profitable lines, improve your demand forecasting and minimise inventory.EFT – adding integrated Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) capability to your system means that every time a sales transaction is recorded, the credit or debit card transaction is also processed, reducing the time spent per transaction. No separate reconcile, quicker, no keying mistakes, cost saving, etc

- Link RETAIL MANAGER to other systems – connect RETAIL MANAGER to systems such as your accounting package, you can increase control over your business and improve profitability

- Migration – if you have an existing system we can import the data directly generally we output the data to xls / csv and cleanse before importing

- Import Routines – if your supplier can supply soft copy stock files you can import these directly into RETAIL MANAGER on an ad hoc basis using header matching and save the file format for reuse

Increase transaction speed and quality of service

- Faster transactions can be achieved by using a RETAIL MANAGER

- Easily manage scanning and Non Scanning products

- Easy to use RETAIL MANAGER allows products to be found quicker, operators can be lead through a transaction and training times are often reduced

- Quick stock searches and level checks prevent customers from waiting around

- More efficient transactions – customers will get served quicker and get products at the right price improving overall experience

Improve business efficiency and productivity

- Take control – Control all parts of the system from a central screen giving total control of your retail business

- Retailers can run targeted promotions such as multi-buys or mix ‘n’ match offers like buy two get one for free, and maintain different price files for different outlets or sales channels

- Manager alerts – Managers can be alerted directly from RETAIL MANAGER if there are any exceptions to their own business rules e.g. product being sold under a certain margin, Purchase Order over a certain amount, etc

- Reduced Paperwork – Use your RETAIL MANAGER to reduce paperwork and save time doing stock takes or reporting (handhelds)

Reduce fraud and shrinkage

- Shrinkage is the general term applied to the inventory that goes missing from your store, it may be as a result of theft or employee misuse

- Staff ID buttons RETAIL MANAGER will record all transactions operators, allowing you to report on individual staff members

- Visibility – Make staff aware that stock levels are being carefully monitored by RETAIL MANAGER

Better cash control

- Multi Currency – work across any currency with different exchange rates for both buying and selling

- Know your position At any time during the day, RETAIL MANAGER can instantly report on how much money you should have in your cash drawers or how many of a particular product you have sold today.

- Manager only functions each part of the system can be user defined

- End of day cash declarations RETAIL MANAGER can force staff to declare cash counts before they know what should be in the cash drawer, making variances easier to trace.

- Cash Lifts – Set warning levels to alert you when to make a cash lift

Improve stock management and supply chain

- Minimize stock variances with regular weekly and monthly stock checks

- Reduce working capital and interest by optimizing stock holding

- Faster stock taking can be achieved by using hand held stocktaking devices

- Stock Alerts – Automatic stock re-ordering triggers can compile and suggest orders when stocks are running low based on min/max/seasonality/rate of growth/sales over a period/cover period.

- Stock analysis – Detailed reports make it much easier to keep the right stock on hand. Many owners who think they know exactly what trends affect them find a few surprises once they have this data from RETAIL MANAGER.

- Identify slow stock items, spot sales trends, and use historical data to better forecast your needs.

- Integrated stock control – Stock control and margin control are the heart of RETAIL MANAGER. The Stock features in RETAIL MANAGER this allows you to keep stock information up-to-date in real-time and streamline your supply chain processes. RETAIL MANAGER can automatically determine which products are fast-moving and when they need replenishing.

- Integrated data from RETAIL MANAGER – this means you can track products on the journey from your suppliers to the warehouse to the store to the final point of sale. You can then identify where goods are being held up, compare the performance of different suppliers and their delivery times – and improve on the results.

- Generate barcodes –If you have a product that does not come with a manufacturer barcode then you can quickly generate a product barcode or shelf-edge label (depending on the retail environment).

Build intelligence to grow profits

- Fast and accurate reports to support business decisions and drive business forwards.

- Get reports anywhere anytime and stay in touch with fast moving retail operations. Schedule any report to run automatically and get send to your printer or email or access via a web browser

- Better margins – Detailed sales mix reports help you focus on higher-margin items. Re-locating products within a retail store can help you boost sales of high-profit items. Set your purchase price and automatically work out your margin percentage and adjust your selling prices to increase your margins.

- Monitor promotions and discounts to make sure you’re not just giving profits away.

- Manage staff hours to maximize profits.

- Compare performance against other stores, days, weeks months and years to build a picture on how your business is performing.

Improve customer loyalty and retention

Build a list of your customers – collect their contact details and get to know them better

Targeted advertising – offer incentives to your customers so they return on a regular basis. RETAIL MANAGER can manage loyalty schemes with cards to as well as gift cards and vouchers.

-CRM – Customer relationship management tools can be used to communicate with your customers allowing letter, SMS texts and emails to be sent out.

About Opus Retail Solutions

Opus Retail Solutions specialise in providing Retail, Wholesale, & Integrated e-Commerce Solutions through its Software suite Opus Retail Manager. The entire EPOS operation is managed from Opus’s Headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, along with regional development and support offices in the UK. Opus has been developing software for over 30 years and was one of the first Windows based EPOS systems in 1997. Opus Retail Manager is hardware independent and we offer hardware depending on client requirements, policy or budget.

The key to Opus’s success lies with its ongoing investment in Research and Development and Training to keep our Software products and services and staff world class.  Services range from specifying client requirements to providing custom modifications, system implementation, training with a special emphasis on after-sales support so our customers can get the most from their system. The Company invests c £100k pa in R&D to ensure it’s software remains world-class.

The entire Opus operation is managed from Opus’s Headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, along with regional development and support offices in the UK and Russia.  Opus has partners all over the world and currently ships the software in five languages. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a partnership.

Although our Retail Manager Software and services procedures have evolved over the years from DOS through Windows enabling us to stay ahead of the curve, our core objective is still to provide innovative, best in breed, easy to use and robust EPoS solutions, no matter what the industry, the size or the individual need.