Are Your Customers Keeping Secrets?

Body Language – Customer Secrets

It is often said that over 60% of communication is non-verbal, this means that more often than not customers may not be telling you the full story when you’re trying to close a deal. Pay special attention to the customer’s stance, pitch and expressions to see if you can naturally deduce what they’re feeling.

How to tell that a Customer ready to buy?

Focusing on a single product or type of product. A customer bring it up when you ask them if they need any help, as well as and ESPECIALLY if they come to you about the product. They’ve probably already made their mind up and just seeking confirmation before purchasing.Stemming from the first point, if they are actively looking for a member of staff. Even if it’s just for help or an explanation of the product their proactive approach shows he customer is ready and willing to buy.Pay special attention to customer body language. Whilst there is far too many different examples of a positive body language it’s quite often easy enough to tell instinctually once you’re looking out for it.

How can you tell if they are not ready to buy?

Some customers might not be there specifically to purchase anything, calling in at the shop on the way to or from another or even to simply kill time. They are browsing around all products with no real focus, best action is to wait and see if they eventually do hone in on something particular then you may be able to encourage a sale.Everyone working in retail for any length of time will have picked up on these cues. The most obvious one is avoiding or failing to maintain eye contact, the customer is not ready to purchase anything yet.Following from the previous point a reply with “Just browsing thanks” or “Just having a look” actively dismissing any assistance you would provide. They should either make up there mind later and come seeking your help to purchase or simply leave.

On a final note, local and regional culture might have an impact on buying habits. Having a diverse number of local and non-local workers can help subtly pick up on hints that an individual may easily miss.

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