Real Time Reporting

One of the most powerful features of our software is the ability to show important detailed financial information in a graphical format: This feature is:

  • In Real time
  • Totally customisable by Clients so they only show information relevant to them

It allows Retailers to spot potential opportunities and risks instantly without having to resort in the first instance to printed reports. For instance, on any given day

  • Why is one shop turnover so much lower than the others?
  • Why is today’s average profit down so much?
  • Why are takings today down so much on the same day last year?
  • Why have transactions in one hour fallen off a cliff?

The questions of course are endless and as part of every new install Opus would discuss with clients which graphs would be most relevant to them. Below we have given an example of what kind of information can be presented in our dashboard. Both the type of chart and the information shown on the charts are customisable to the requirements of the customer.

Sales Turnover 2D Bar will load here Tender Splits For Today will load hers Average Margin will load here Sales Comparison will load here Hourly Sales will load here Gift Card Activity Chart will load here Top 10 Best Sellers will load here

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