Multi Site Management

Opus Multi Site Management

Full multi location networking control is an integral part of Opus Retail Manager. Inventory movement, purchasing and pricing can be managed from any level within the network organisational structure.  Head Office consolidated sales information for all Regions or Branches can be available on demand, or when replication runs over a VPN or at the beginning of the next working day via overnight communications, or, at any time of the day where communications are appropriately scheduled within the Event Scheduler. Network communications can be via VPN, Dial-up telephone lines, Wide Area Network ISDN, Internet or Flash Drive, CD/DVD.

System Manager establishes the communication procedures for the Branch network and monitors network activity and performance.  All relevant data is assembled at locations within the network during operational use of other modules within Opus Retail Manager. Data transmission is undertaken whenever requested.  This can be many times per day or several times per week as required.

Network Manager may be invoked in a number of ways.  It may be as an event scheduled within the Event Scheduler.  For example, a head office may dial each shop many times per day to communicate sales, inventory and price change transactions.  Alternatively it may be invoked as an unscheduled event for example, if sales data from a selected location is unexpectedly required at the Head Office in the middle of a particular day.

Network Manager may also be invoked from certain Opus Retail Manager applications.  For example, a head office merchandiser may order a despatch from a remote warehouse to a shop, and invoke the System Manager to electronically transfer the order to the  warehouse.  In addition to this, System Manager may be invoked so that the user can log in and run the Opus Retail Manager application against a remote database.  For example, rather than as described in the previous case, the merchandiser might log directly onto the warehouse database and create the despatch order directly.  This effectively opens Opus Retail Manager into a wide area network.

The Message Services facility within System Manager provides regular diagnostic information on the performance of the Network and the current status of the equipment at each Branch.  Any problems which are identified can be quickly rectified by attention to the hardware equipment or via the System Manager module of Opus Retail Manager.

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