System Manager

System Manager is the software operational control module of the Opus Retail Manager.  This module also provides an interface to third party systems and spreadsheets.


Event Scheduling / Transaction Processing
System events such as transaction summarising and history creation, reporting, and inter-site communications can be set to follow a user-defined schedule.  For example, at the end of any user defined time period, all of the information relating to sales performance may be consolidated to provide a history data base.  The emphasis is very much on removing the reliance upon once a day ‘housekeep procedures’, although in some situations clearly these may be necessary.

All sales transactions from ‘non Opus Retail Manager’ tilling products, and inventory movement transactions from other Opus Retail Manager sites are processed to update the central OPUS RETAIL MANAGER database.  Such processing may occur as a scheduled event or at any moment the user selects.

Archiver / Backups
System Manager provides facilities for both the total system and/or all of the database files to be backed up, to either magnetic disk or tape. In the event of a hardware or system failure all of the backed up information can be retrieved and the system made operational again.  The facility is also provided to archive old data, which is no longer used, but should be retained.

Data Interface
Opus Retail Manager provides a standard data interface to many of the accounting packages available world-wide.  The published interface supplies all relevant data for transferring sales, customer, supplier and product information.

All of the system users are given a security level for programs within Opus Retail Manager. This ensures that data and functionality is only available to authorised personnel.  For example, a user may be defined as having no access, read only access or read-write access within the product record screen.  System Manager provides a facility for tailoring the Opus Retail Manager software to meet individual user requirements.  The software can also be automatically tailored to work with different types of hardware equipment, languages and currencies.  It may also be configured differently to suit varied retail environments.

System Services
In the event of a problem within the hardware or software; the System Services module detects the nature of the problem and provides a range of facilities for corrective action.  It provides features to analyse both data and system integrity.  These features may be run as scheduled events.

Retail Manager Work Flow
The workflow system enables a separation of the tasks of document creation e.g. Purchase Order, and its authorisation.  By use of the workflow system the user’s organisational procedures can be mirrored.

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