Sales Manager

Sales Manager helps manage the various Point of Sale[s] in operation throughout the business.  All POS can be configured to operate the same or preform differently if required.


Pricing – Make sensible pricing decisions using this easy to use modelling tool

  • Change Any price type, e.g. RRP, Wholesale, etc
  • Based on any Currency
  • Isolate products by supplier, classification or import from a handheld terminal
  • Change a unit price or any pack size
  • Suggest a price markup or GPM based on current selling price, cost price, Average cost price, last cost price or standard cost price
  • Automatically print out shelf-edge labels or pricing labels

Manage Discounts by Replication Watch – Easy to use traffic light system so you know if all your data is up to date

  • Product – manage specific discounts by product
  • Customer – manage specific discounts by customer
  • Store – manage specific discounts by location
  • Range Discount -manage complex discounts for groups of products.
  • Discounts supported include: buy any three products from a selected list and get one free, or buy any 4 products from the list for a fixed price etc.

PosXpress ControlGrid Set Up – Easily create buttons with text, graphics and colour for non scanning products

  • Manage X & Z reading procedures
  • Configure each POS
  • Set POS limits for payment types

Club Browser – Print a mini statement showing goods on reserve (layaway), payments & account sales, by customer or date range

Tender Denominations – Define the cashing up procedure and what is to be counted

Marketing – This feature is used to disseminate messages to Retail Manager and POSXpress users. Messages are displayed on a rolling ticker tape and can be expanded with full messages or connections to Web site.  The Message View tab displays a list of messages with their start & end dates and any WEB hyper-links active.

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