Reports Manager

Reports Manager offers a fast and effective means of generating information from the data base held within Opus Retail Manager.  Reports can be provided upon demand, or created on a regular basis using the report scheduler.

Reports produced by the scheduler are either placed into the users Opus Retail Manager report repository, or transferred via an EMAIL system for collection when convenient.

Reports Manager offers a range of options for outputting all reports. These options include:

  • Direct to a range of printers.
  • Direct to the computer screen for immediate viewing.
  • Export files in formats such as ‘CSV’ for input into Corporate systems, or commercial applications such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Reports can be scheduled and printed at any time determined by the Report
    Scheduler. E.G. A specific report is required every Tuesday morning.
  • Reports can be sent via FAX or, an EMAIL service to the intended recipients.
  • A user can save specific report parameters for regular re-use.

All reports are selected using a standard ‘Look and Feel’ user interface. This provides a familiar, easy to use process for report selection.

For ad-hoc reports, ‘industry standard’ Report Generators such as Seagate Crystal Reports, or Borland ReportSmith can be used.  All user created reports can be integrated into Opus Retail Manager with the Reporting Toolkit.

All reports are numbered with a form reference for use within an ISO9000 business structure.

As Opus Retail Manager is a transaction based system, all events are saved within the database.  It is therefore possible to create an unlimited range of reports to meet specific user requirements.  Where additional reports are required over and above the published list, then these can be created by the end user, Opus, or by the IT department / provider.

Additional reports are added regularly by Opus.  Currently some 400+ reports are published with Opus Retail Manager.  As additional reports are published, they can be downloaded from the Opus WEB site for automatic integration into Opus Retail Manager.

Cloud Reports
Reports are also available online and real time where they can be accessed through a secure URL.

Standard Reports Available
This is a list of the most commonly used reports in the Opus Retail Manager Reports Module:

  • Sales Report
  • Product Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Staff Report
  • Financial Report

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