Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager is a key component of Opus Retail Manager.  Inventory Manager controls the physical processes and movements involved with inventory from the moment it arrives at a location, until the moment it leaves.

It also performs all of the Merchandising decision making regarding what inventory should be ordered from whom and when, and at what location it should be situated to optimise sales.

The major processes within Inventory Manager are as follows:

  • Goods Received
    When inventory arrives at a location, the Goods Received module is used to automatically update the inventory figures either as the goods arrive or after they have been physically counted.  The goods received process can be performed using a standard PC terminal, or at the point the goods are being checked in by using a range of hand held devices in real time using WiFi or uploaded via a cradle.  Cost price data is updated according to parameters set within the Finance Manager module.
  • Internal Dispatch
    Goods may be transferred from one location to another using the despatch module. This may happen where Merchandising Manager has instructed the physical movement of inventory from one site to another in order to optimise sales opportunities. As part of this procedure picking lists are produced.  It may also involve the despatch of inventory back to a supplier. As with Goods Received the process may be performed using a standard PC or one of a range of hand held devices (wireless or cradle).
  • Inventory Counting
    This operates either manually, or with the use of a range of hand held terminals (wireless or cradle).  The inventory counting activity can be a periodic one off operation with the outlet closed, spread over a period of time with inventory counting by Departments or product groups, or can be undertaken with the outlet remaining open.
  • Label Printing
    All of the necessary bar code or pricing labels for products and shelf edges are generated by the system.  A range of non standard labels and specialist label printing equipment are also supported within Inventory Manager.
  • Internal Inventory
    Transfers Opus Retail Manager supports multiple shelf and inventory locations within a site.  The movement of inventory from one physical location to another is controlled from Inventory Manager.  Transfer documentation may be produced, and movement transactions may be recorded on both PCs and a range of hand held equipment in real time WiFi 0r uploaded via a cradle.
  • Mobility
    All Opus Retail Manager instructions can work over a wireless network utilising Sybase’s wireless technology helping users undertake tasks such as Inventory Counting, Goods Received, etc easily and in real time.  Instructions can also be exported in CSV format for use with Hand Held Terminals.


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