Finance Manager

The Finance Manager module holds the business and commercial rules of the company.  These rules force non financial personnel to operate within the financial constraints of the business.


Business Rules
Opus Retail Manager contains business rules for important issues such as sales tax and cost price calculation.  These parameters can be set from a range of standard options, or where required unique algorithms can be created.  Opus Retail Manager gives control to the user in selecting the Business Rules.  For example in selecting the cost price rules, it is the user who is determining the basis upon which inventory will be sold and valued.  Also, once the cost price has been determined the profit margin can be calculated against the selected cost price level.  Opus Retail Manager has the ability to accept multiple currencies for different business functions.  Where an International Company has branches in many Countries, then for each site the local base currency may be held.  Within Finance Manager the rules regarding which currencies are accepted and for which function’s are determined.  The entering and amending of the exchange rates are also managed and monitored from this module.
Financial Reconciliation Opus Retail Manager automatically provides all the necessary information for the reconciliation of banking, customer account balances, Sales and Value Added Taxes.  Information from all of the sales outlets is processed centrally on a regular basis and the relevant reports are made available via the Finance Manager Reports.
Financial Planning
Opus Retail Manager provides the ability for setting ‘Open to Buy’ budgets within the Merchandising /purchasing functions.  These budgets can be based on overall spending, product ranges or specific products.  Once budget limits are set then spending outside of these limits without authority is prevented. Performance of sales revenues and gross margins can be determined for products, ranges of products, sales outlets and the total business.  Management information about actual performance against forecast budget enables immediate action to be taken including adjustments in stock holding and purchasing limits.  The performance information is available for any time period via the Finance Manager Reports.
Control Accounts and Audit Trails
All transaction data created within the Opus Retail Manager system is stored within a set of Control Accounts.  Transactions include sales, purchases, price changes, stock movements etc.  At any time audit trail information can be created to trace historical transaction events via the Reports Manager.

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