Customer Loyalty

The Opus Retail Manager Loyalty scheme offers a flexible range of options for the retail business including, multiple Loyalty Schemes, Points for customer spend, Points for specific products or multibuys, Loyalty discounts against customer spend levels, Loyalty redemption at the Point of Sales and / or via Vouchers, and Loyalty liability reporting.

The key features of the Opus Retail Manager Loyalty Schemes are as follows:

  • Multiple Loyalty Schemes can be operational. E.G. Regular Scheme, Gold Scheme, Platinum Scheme etc.
  • Schemes can be Points based and / or, Customer Spend Discount based.
  • Loyalty Scheme members can be allocated Scheme start and end dates.
  • Groups of customers can belong to a single scheme account. E.G. The Smith Family belong to a single loyalty scheme account and all points are accumulated to a single account.

Points Scheme:

  • Against each Loyalty Scheme in operation, a points value can be selected for spend values. E.G. 1 Point for each $€£1 spent.
  • Start up points can be allocated to the customer Loyalty Account. E.G. Joining bonus of 500 Points.
  • Additional points can be added to products, or Multi-Buy of a product. E.G. Buy 2 bottles of product ‘A’ and receive an additional 10 points. The promotion can have start and end dates.
  • Points can be exchanged (if permitted) at the Point of Sale as a tender type. E.G. 400 points available to spend.
  • Customer sales receipt will print current Loyalty Scheme Points earned from the sale and total available points.
  • Standard letters for issue to customers detailing points earned and production of sales tender Vouchers for use at the Point of Sale. Points converted into Vouchers are automatically reduced from current points available on the customer Loyalty Scheme Account. NB For security reasons the user may wish to pre-print special vouchers.
  • Reports detail Loyalty Scheme points earned and total Scheme commitment.

Customer Spend Discount Scheme:

  • Loyalty Schemes can be created which offer the Loyalty Scheme customer a discount based upon the level of sales made with the company.
  • Time periods can be selected for the Scheme cycle. E.G. Every year the scheme restarts.
  • Multiple discount levels can be set up in each scheme. E.G. After $1,000 spend 5% discount is offered, after $€£5,000 spend 15% is offered.
  • Discounts will be automatically applied at the Point of Sale.



Why is Customer Loyalty a good idea?

  • 84% of Consumer’s say they’re more likely to re-visit a retailer that offers a loyalty scheme.
  • The probability of selling to an existing customer on a loyalty scheme is two thirds!
  • The number of loyalty customers for any given retailer usually lies between 10 and 20%, but can account for as much as 70% of sales.
  • Loyal Customers will spend more money and generate more revenue than spontaneous buyers.

Luckily Opus’ Loyalty Customer system can handle all your needs with ease and pass on the ease of use to your customers.

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