Cash Management

Opus Retail Manager provides a full central Cash Reconciliation system for organisations with multiple selling points for cash management including:

  • Point of Sale Units.
  • Electronic Cash Registers.
  • Gaming Machines.
  • Vending Machines.
  • Lockers.
  • Ad Hoc collection points.

The Cash Reconciliation system is used to record the following information for cash management:

  • Expected Income.
  • This represents the denomination values generated at the Selling Point.
  • EPoS systems can electronically feed this information into Cash Module.
  • ECR takings will be represented by opening & closing till readings.
  • Fruit machines, Vending machines etc. provide meter readings.
  • Declared Income.
  • The denomination values counted by the operator and supported by a paying in slip.
  • Banked Income.
  • Denomination values counted and banked within the Cash Office.

The Cash Module tracks:

  • Discrepancy details between Expected, Declared & Banked income.
  • Selling Point Management reasons for discrepancies.
  • Overdue clearances from Selling points.
  • All Cheques, Credit / Debit Card slips, Vouchers etc
  • Transactions associated with the Vault.
  • Linked Selling Points
  • O E.G. Wet & Dry sales within a bar Selling Point.
  • Payments to the External Bank.

Cash Management supports data importing from external terminals or coin counting machines and Links to Accounting Systems for banked details.

Cash Management can either operate completed independently of the Retail Manager system, or as an integrated component of the Retail System.

Full Reporting and Audit trails are available.

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