General System Features

Opus Retail Manager is a comprehensive software package with an outstanding range of features that our team of experts can customise to your specific business requirements.

1. Advanced Stock Control

Opus Retail Manager can be used for many tasks including intelligent ordering – the software will suggest an order based on sales by a defined time period e.g. look at sales for the same period the previous year, current stock holding, seasonality, rate of growth, what is on Purchase order and Sales order, generating custom order keeping stock just in time.

2. Advanced Margin Control

Features help identify the true margin of a product or department based on dynamic data. Powerful product pricing modelling can be then used to quickly adjust a product or group of products to achieve a desired margin

3. Full Reporting Suite

The advanced Report Manager facility produces customised, comprehensive and specific business intelligence reports that can be scheduled or accessed on demand. Managers can make informed, timely decisions on goods and services giving the business a powerful advantage.

4. Beacon Alerts

Proactive reports that monitor the system for specified events set by the end user e.g. negative stock of a specific product or negative margin sales etc. They differ to traditional reports in that they are proactive i.e run automatically as opposed to traditional reactive reports. Once an event is detected Beacon will email the notification to a manager etc. and action can be taken.

5. Cloud Hosted Reports

Another way to access Management Information using a web browser. Get access to the information you need anytime using a simple web interface. Real time reports on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

6. Multi-lingual Capability

The software is available in several international languages. Each user of the system can operate in their preferred language, or at any time they can switch between the available languages. Further languages can be added as required.

7. Security

A flexible security system ensures that access to all areas of the system is strictly controlled.

8. Training Mode Facility

All areas of the system can operate safely in training mode leaving live database files unaffected.

9. Customer Loyalty Schemes

Offer a flexible range of options for the end user including multiple schemes, points for customer spend, specific products or multi buys, loyalty discounts and vouchers.

10. Currency

The system can accommodate any currency type and will operate in multiple currencies throughout the system.

11. Computer Equipment

The software operates with all PC based equipment configured to utilise the operating system environments described above. Point of Sale equipment uses Windows, or OPOS / UPOS Windows based.

12. Operating System Environments

The software operates with all PC based equipment configured to utilise the operating system environments described above. Point of Sale equipment uses Windows, or OPOS / UPOS Windows based.

13. Easy Intergration

Retail Manager is designed to take advantage of modern IT Technology allowing easy integration into existing legacy systems e.g. financial, Web, ERP etc via XML, CSV or bespoke.

14. Sybase SQL Database

The OPUS RETAIL MANAGER software range has been created using the latest proven software techniques available, including Object Orientated programming, Visual programming techniques and Sybase SQL Relational Database technology – Sybase SQL Anywhere.

Sybase SQL Anywhere is a comprehensive suite of solutions that provides data management, synchronization and data exchange technologies that enable Opus to offer a database-powered applications in remote and mobile environments.

Opus Retail Manager utilises Sybase’s self-tuning query optimiser and dynamic cache sizing features. This really comes into its own when moving an managing large volumes of data across multi sites.

As a result, Opus Retail Manager requires little to no DBA support to provide a powerful application and could typically handle 20,000 database transactions per minute, thousands of users and hundreds of gigabytes of data.

15. Real Time Reporting

One of the most powerful features of our software is the ability to show important detailed financial information in a graphical format in real time. The information shown can be fully customised to the needs of the client so that only relevant information is shown.



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