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    Wholesale/Cash & Carry EPOS Retail Software

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Wholesale / Cash & Carry EPOS Retail Software

Opus Retail Manager Wholesale / Cash & Carry Businesses

Incorporate Opus Retail Manager into your business process to control sales and stock across different locations and warehouse, from your products, orders and deliveries.

Have complete control of where you stock is at any given time. Stay up to date with what products are the most popular at any given time.  Effortlessly manage promotional offers and store discounts.

Build up a database of customer information for future remarketing using our SMS marketing tools.

Use our Mobile solution to receive stock in straight from deliveries, transfer stock, stock check or stock take. With the ability for multiple locations and tills use the expertise of

Opus Retail Solutions to help with your company’s expansion. Having multiple tills keeps queues moving and customer waiting time to a minimum.

Opus Retail Manager features include:


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