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Why Opus Retail Manager is perfect for Dairy and Poultry Stores

Owning and operating your own store can be a very time consuming process and often leaves little time for you to help your customers.

Opus Retail Manager is the solution to this very common problem; with our software you can streamline your ordering process by tracking and monitoring your stock more effectively.

Use our software to build a database on your customers and target them using our SMS marketing tools.

You can organise pricing strategies and store discounts for your customers with minimal disturbance. The advanced margin control feature will give you the true margin associated with a particular product and if it is not at the desired level you can quickly make an adjustment with our product pricing feature.

If it is taking a long time to complete simple tasks as well as running reports and reconciling tills then your business could really benefit from our software.

Opus Retail Manager can help with:


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