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Opus Retail Manager for Book Shops Retail & Wholesale

Reduce the amount of time you spend producing data reports and increase the amount of time you spend with your customers with Opus Retail Manager.

With our software you can easily control stock levels by using the intelligent re-ordering feature and have instant access to stock information across multi-site locations, from your multiple lines of books, such as fact, fiction, sports, autobiography etc.

Manage your inventory by printing barcode labels for each book directly from Opus Retail Manager. You can sell, check and reserve stock all at the touch of the button from the Point-Of-Sale.

Business intelligent reports can be utilised to understand what products are the most popular and what the true margins of each products are, use the pricing feature to adjust products to ensure that you achieve the desired margin.

With the ability to capture customer details you can utilise our built in SMS marketing tools to target them with future offers.

Our software produces proactive reports so you will be notified about potential risks e.g. negative stock or negative product margin sales before they happen.

Further Benefits of Opus Retail Manager:  


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