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What is EPOS Software and what Opus Retail Manager for?

Quite simply the most powerful Point of Sale software on the market today!

Over 30 years of experience has been invested in developing Opus Retail Manager as the ideal EPOS Software. Working closely with many high profile customers for long periods of time means we relate to the day to day headaches of retail management, from the checkout at the front end to the ordering, reporting and analysing at the back end, our software is specifically designed to assist and improve the productivity of your day to day management.

We are especially proud of our user friendly interface so no matter how little experience you or your staff may have with software, our easy to use system and ongoing support will ensure that you streamline your business process with minimal fuss.


Much more than an EPOS solution, Retail Manager gives retailers the power to:

  • Increase profit margins
  • Control stock- releasing cash
  • Manage staff
  • Drive sales forward
  • Track promotions and discounts
  • Omni-channel retail through the Web, Amazon and E-Bay
  • Receive live data remotely through “The Cloud” via PC, Smartphone or Tablet
  • Consolidate data over multiple sites, currencies and languages
  • Integrate into existing accounts packages such as Sage
  • Use SMS texting tools and customer loyalty modules to increase sales

What makes us different?

  • Retail Manager is future proof. We invest heavily in R&D to ensure that we are “best of breed”. All our clients benefit from an automatic upgrade path meaning the software is never out of date. Retail manager is totally scalable – as your business expands, it grows with it.
  • We offer a complete specification, installation, training, and after support service.
  • Our software is OPOS compliant which means most of the time you can continue to use existing hardware/tills.
  • The SAP Database at the core of Retail Manager means that the software can handle thousands of transactions per second enabling ultra-fast till processing time.
  • 25 years development means that Retail Manager is robust and dependable with ISO9001 approved quality standards.
  • Our distributor network provides instant local support when required.


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